The One Hour Life Changer Event

The One Hour Life Changer Event

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 – 7 to 8 pm

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Is life rushing by?  Feeling stressed and unfocused?  Not sure where to start?

Start here. Invest one hour and discover practical skills and strategies to reclaim peace and balance into your daily life.  We call it “The One Hour Life Changer – Introduction to Mindfulness” because you will learn techniques that, when practiced daily, will promote a more confident, focused life.

Go from “mind FULL” to “mindful”.

Local mindfullness expert Wieslawa Hyzyk, M.Ed. of  Mindful Life Transitions, Waterloo, ON shares proven ways to help manage daily stressors with more positive outcomes, enhance self-regulation and promote general well being.

Mindfulness skills will be introduced where you’ll learn the moment-to-moment awareness process of actively and openly observing one’s physical, mental and emotional experiences and surrounding environments through a gentle, nurturing lens.

Small group setting.  Dress comfortably.  Parking on Dupont Street.

Note from Event Organizer, Robin Bender, Mega Health at Work – It’s an honour to have local expert Wieslawa Hyzyk, M.Ed share the practice of mindfulness with us.  Her counselling/advising/coaching practice has been informed by mindfulness principles since 1998 and has offered mindfulness groups since 2012.

For adults over 18 at all stages of life are curious about mindfulness and are ready to invest one hour of time to change their life.

“Making Wellness Contagious”

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