The Power of Self Talk

Self-talk and self care go hand in hand. If your self-talk is telling you what’s wrong with you, you immediately begin a downward spiral. It affects your perceptions, behaviours and moods. Taking care of yourself should be exciting and not a struggle. Your self-talk will determine this. Think about what you are saying to yourself…

Let me start with some common examples like working out and eating healthy. If the self-talk that we tell ourselves is “I NEED to go to the gym or I DON’T want to eat plain boring food,” the reality is, our self-talk has turned these activities into unwanted chores we feel we HAVE to do. We are unmotivated to practice self-care. We have talked ourselves out of changing  and we stay stuck in the same place.

However, if the self-talk starts stems from genuinely caring about self care “I am happier when I exercise, I have more energy when I eat healthier, my resiliency and energy grows with every positive action” then the process becomes fun. From this place, your self-talk language changes into “I am going to try something new and I don’t need the gym to become active or I am going to experiment with new flavours and combinations to make healthy dishes.”

As you can see, you have the choice to empower your self-talk. You have to ask yourself, does my self-talk prevent me from moving forward or does it help me to create the best version of myself?

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“Making Wellness Contagious”

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