Never too Late to Ask for Help

Why is it so hard in life to ask for help and what can you do about it?

I’ve thought about this question so many times. When I ask participants of mental health first aid what is the greatest barrier to talking about mental illness is the answer is stigma. But what is the greatest barrier to asking for help? Ourselves.

In order to feel comfortable asking for help, it means acknowledging a number of things:

  • We are not perfect
  • We have limitations
  • We can’t do everything
  • We don’t have all the answers

Are you trying to figure out everything on your own? If so, you are doing it the HARD WAY! Most of us can agree that doing things the hard way makes no sense. It is painful to take on everything and not to mention…unhealthy!

Why do we do it then? Is self reliance that important?

Listening to what others have learned through similar situations can provide a shortcut to a better way and alleviate PAIN and STRUGGLE!

So what does this require from YOU?

  • Admitting you need help
  • Recognizing the help and support of others can help you feel better
  • Admitting that others might know how to help you
  • Changing your thinking around asking for help
  • Being humble

Consider asking for help next time you need it. A new perspective maybe exactly what will help.

“Making Wellness Contagious”

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