I Hate Asking for Help

If you are anything like me, you absolutely hate asking for help. I love to help other people, but when it comes to myself, I don’t always seek the help I need.

So how do you react when you do need help? What I find personally is I tend to retract from the world or hibernate because I don’t want to burden or bother other people with how I am feeling and yet how can we truly help others if we don’t help ourselves?

You may be going through some challenging times right now and situations that are difficult like so many people are. Often times people will feel alone and think that nobody cares and sometimes we don’t value ourselves enough to ask for help because we believe others deserve it more than us.

Every single person needs help and support from time to time. While people may look like they have everything together, they seem happy all the time and they never seem down or anything is wrong but keep in mind, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

If you need help in some way, you are not alone and there are so many people out there willing to help you. Asking for help is the hardest step for most people. What is required is courage and once you find the courage to ask for help, what you find on the other side may pleasantly surprise you.

“Making Wellness Contagious”

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