Category: Self Talk

Avoid these 5 Mistakes When It Comes To Your Well-Being

By: radmin
February 13, 2019
For some people, success seems to come so easily.  Others have to struggle just to maintain the status quo, let alone get ahead.  Why is that?  What does the first...

The Power of Self Talk

By: radmin
June 4, 2018
Self-talk and self care go hand in hand. If your self-talk is telling you what’s wrong with you, you immediately begin a downward spiral. It affects your perceptions, behaviours and...

The Self Care Formula that Works

By: radmin
January 2, 2018
Happy New Year everyone new readers and old, those in warm places and those here in the not so warm place. When I reflect back on 2017, I remember setting...

Why we need to drop the word “Should” from our vocabulary

By: radmin
October 29, 2017
When we start a sentence with “you should” or “I should” it is, most often, filled with the best of intentions. We honestly believe that if they did or if...
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