A Self Care Action Plan

Self care is more than just treating yourself from time to time. Self care is not a reward, it is a vital ongoing process of looking after our overall health. Self care is anything mental, physical or social that adds to a positive sense of wellbeing. Self care is an attitude that says, “I am responsible for looking after myself.”

Starting a self care plan begins with the following:

Step 1: Recognize it is indeed OK to take care of yourself. It is not just OK, but it is smart. Self care helps prevent burnout and reduces the negative psychological and physical effects of stress.

Step 2: Identify what works for you, what brings you joy and energy and fills you up. Things to focus on may include nutrition, sleep, hydration, exercise, small breaks etc. Ask yourself “what actions make me feel better?”

Step 3: Recognize the warning signs that you need more self care.  Check out this blog –  five signs you need more self care!

Step 4: Make yourself a priority today and create a daily action plan that results in better health.

“Making Wellness Contagious”

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