A case of the Mondays: How to rekindle motivation at work

Thrilled to be featured in Charity Village article: A Case of the Mondays:  How to Rekindle Motivation at Work by Susan Fish

Did you jump out of bed this morning before your alarm, eager to get to work and get at it? If not, you’re not alone. Increasingly, many workers are suffering from a case of the Mondays, even when it isn’t a Monday. Gallup research regularly examines employee engagement around the world: they find that perhaps only 33% of employees are fully engaged in their work.

The question of how to get motivated (or how to get your staff motivated) is an important one in any sector. We talked with a number of experts to find tips on motivation for people working in nonprofits and charities.

Note from Robin:  There’s seriously some great tips here:  check out the section – Practical motivation tips!

Please read on here and see what I had to add!

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