12 days of self care gifts

12 days of self care gifts

Choosing a gift for a loved one can be kind of tricky. There are so many different gift ideas, and it can be impossible to choose just one! If you have a loved one who is feeling frazzled or stressed, giving them the gift of self-care can do so much more than brighten their day! If you need a great gift idea, here are 12 days of self-care gifts you can give to that special person in your life!

Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for a gift that will help that special someone sleep a little better and relax, consider a weighted blanket! Weighted blankets have been shown to ease insomnia, help reduce anxiety, improve focus, fight against stress, and even improve your quality of sleep.


There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day at the spa! Even just a thirty-minute massage can help that special someone relax and unwind for a few minutes.


If you aren’t familiar with reflexology, it’s a type of massage that focuses on relieving tension and even can be used to treat illnesses. The main points are on the feet, head, and hands, which link to all the other parts of the body. A treatment of reflexology can help you relax, eliminate toxins from the body, and even help boost your energy levels.

Happy Lamp

If you know someone who spends a lot of time indoors, consider gifting them a Happy Lamp. The Happy Lamp works by emulating daylight without exposing you to harmful UV rays of the sun. This light can help improve your mood, energy, and concentration.

Reusable Water Bottle

Not only is this a great way to help you drink more water, but reusable water bottles are a fun way to take your water on the go!

Park Pass

If you are looking for an experience gift, you can’t go wrong with a Park Pass! This will give you free admission to a ton of great parks so your special someone can spend more time outdoors.

5 Minute Journal

The 5 Minute Journal is an excellent option for people who need time to dump their thoughts and spend a little time writing. This is such a great gift and will help those who receive it practice contentment.


PassKit is a great option! The PASS (Panic, Anxiety, & Stress Support) kit includes evidence-based items that have been carefully researched and selected to manage daily stressors and stimulate the mental health discussion.  The kit includes 2 pairs of earplugs to block out noise, a sleeping mask to shield light, chewing gum for both focus and refreshment, a squeezable stress star, and flashcards with concise and curated psychological advice in times of need.

Float Therapy

If you are hoping to get into a deep meditative state, relax, and boost creativity, consider purchasing a float therapy session. The flotation tanks are also commonly known as sensory deprivation chambers and can do wonders to help you relax!


A comfortable pair of slippers is always a great gift! Something about having a pair of slippers on can help you feel more relaxed while you’re at home.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy is an excellent self-care gift that can help you relax and make your home smell amazing!


Reading is a great way to change your mindset and escape even when you don’t have time to go anywhere! Find an excellent book that they can get lost in, or to help them on their journey toward self-improvement.

No matter who you are shopping for this year, one of these self-care gift ideas is bound to be a great fit!

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