10 Signs You Have Mental Wellness

You know you have achieved a level of mental wellness when:

-You can STAY PRESENT, focused and even positive when life’s chaos is causing most people to be fearful and distracted.

-You KNOW yourself and you stay congruent with WHO YOU ARE when everyone is pressuring you to be someone else.

-Your RELATIONSHIPS are vibrant, trusting, respectful, and deeply fulfilling.

-You know how to BEAT STRESS every time is comes up. You DON’T get freaked out over little things, big things and bad days. You take them in stride.

-You know your own PROCESS to get into a better state of mind, to connect with others and to serve with real excellence.

-You know HOW to set BOUNDARIES so that you are living YOUR life, on your terms while still meeting your obligations, helping others but not taking on there problems.

-You COLLABORATE with others instead of arguing with them.

-You know EXACTLY what to do when you get “down” when you are sad, frustrated or feel like giving up by TAKING ACTION.

-You make SELF CARE a daily practise and a top priority in your life.

-You REFLECT on ways to improve your health.

In other words, your “well” is so deep, so accessible, so real that your cup runneth over and your life is better than you imagined.

“Making Wellness Contagious”

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